Surfacing your data on dune

This post aims to educate about the ways to surface your data on dune

Dune is an open platform that anyone can build on

Team Dune often gets asked about "possible cooperation" and "ways to work together" and while we appreciate all these kind requests, there really isn't anything you need from the core team to be able to surface your data on dune. Our platform is free and anyone can use the platform as they see fit. All you need is either a skilled freelancer or one of your developers and two afternoons of time to pull all the data together.

The Process looks like this:

  1. Compile a List of all relevant contracts and submit them for decoding.

  2. Find out which event logs and calls contain relevant data for your project.

  3. Write a query that surfaces the relevant data.

  4. Make nice visualizations for the dataset of the query from 4.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have what you need.

  6. Assemble all visualizations on a dashboard.

  7. Make the dashboard pretty

  8. Enjoy the data

How to find a freelancer

There is quite a few people in the crypto scene which either specialized in building on dune or have the skillset in their repertoire. To reach out to this pool of freelancers, you can fill in this google form and hopefully freelancers will get back to you in little to no time. If that yields no results, posting the bounty on relevant social channels and spreading it in your networks may help.

What works best:

The general trend seems to move towards analysts taking care of Dune dashboards on a more permanent basis. Having an in-house wizard that can quickly respond to newly launched products or additional requirements will yield the best results.

If hiring a Freelancer for the first time, please make sure to check their past works and dashboards to verify that they are indeed capable of solving the task at hand.